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Get rid of fatigue and dry eyes
All of us, when we study, watch TV, work with computers or mobile phones, we experience an unpleasant sensation in our eyes, which is sometimes brought to the age of aging or the fatigue of an adventurous day. Although the impact of these factors can not be ignored, it is more important to reduce the function of the various components of the visual acuity during the activities mentioned, resulting in a feeling of tiredness or dry eye. Here are some simple questions and solutions to get rid of these problems.

* Why are our eyes dry or tired?

When our eyes concentrate on the subject for a long time, the unwanted blurring of the eye collapses; consequently, after a while, we will feel tired or itchy. It should be remembered that when reading, watching TV or working with electronic devices with a screen, you should have a regular, well-informed eyelid. By the simple operation, the mechanism of the acne gland is activated and prevents drying of the eye surface.

* Why do you go on a journey or in outdoor open air?

Dry eye may occur at any time and place, often due to reduced blinking of the eyes and the lacrimal porosity. Do not forget that wind is one of the causes of dry eye because of its effect, the level of tear fluid decreases and creates adverse effects. This mode is exacerbated when the wind blows directly to us, for example when driving a motorcycle or when the car window is open. In this situation, you can lift the car’s glass or use a helmet and protective glasses for a motorcycle.

Is there a definite time for the rest of your eyes during routine work?

If you are studying or dealing with a large electronics display, you should rest for a short time after 30 minutes. In order to increase the health of the visual system and prevent the effects of fatigue or dry eye, we recommend that you leave the rest of the center after 14 hours at maximum and rest.