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LASIK – Femtolysis
In the past, not long ago, the only way to correct refractive errors was to prescribe glasses and lenses. Today, various surgical methods for correcting refractive errors have been devised, which, by changing the shape of the cornea, lead to refractive errors. Among these methods, laser therapy is very common and the quality of the patient’s vision increases. These methods include LASIK, FET, FET, PRK, EPA and LASIK.Note that a major part of the success of refractive surgery depends on your understanding of how you act and how much you expect from postoperative vision.

LASIK is an outpatient procedure that is used to correct distant nose, proximity and astigmatism. This method is one of the most appropriate and fastest ways to correct eye refractive errors. In this method, a thin cut of the cornea is created, then the patient, with the guidance of the surgeon, looks at the flashing light above his head; this is when the laser is pushed through the surface of the cornea.

Femtolectomy is also the latest in modern methods for the correction of myopia, diarrhea and astigmatism that is performed by Femtosecond laser. Currently, the most commonly used is cornea cutting during LASIK, which can be considered as the LASIK superior form. Femtosecond laser has created a very large transformation in refractive surgery. Interestingly, every laser infrared laser pulse lasts only 10 to 15 seconds, so the cornea’s side areas are not damaged.